BIQ Health Solutions is staffed by personnel with acknowledged expertise in healthcare management consulting. From its onset, the firm’s social structure benefitted from the participation of investors with a significant experience in the supply of equipments and solutions to the Healthcare sector.


Over the course of its activity, BIQ Health Solutions has worked with the Portugal most exemplary public and private healthcare institutions in areas such as Management Systems (Quality, Environment and Safety), Logistics and Information Systems.

In line with its expansion and coverage strategy, BIQ Health Solutions acquired BestSalus in 2007, thereby increasing its range of services provided. In 2009 BIQ Health Solutions became the sole representative of a range of technological products and employed personnel with an outstanding "Know-How" in the area of Hospital Engineering. BIQ Health Solutions is therefore in an ideal position to deal with today’s Healthcare Sector needs, particularly in areas such as Logistics, Pharmacy and Operating Theaters.

BIQ Health Solutions is engaged in the delivery of consulting services towards the implementation of Management Systems, Logistics and Information Systems. In addition, the firm is proficient in Hospital Engineering areas, namely those concerning the design and implementation of projects pertaining healthcare logistical infrastructures. In order to ensure coverage of all these areas, BIQ Health Solutions is the sole representative of a range of healthcare equipments that enable the firm to offer integrated and independent solutions.

We define our mission and values having in mind the healthcare market where we operate and our goal of “know-how transfer” during Management and Implementation of our clients Projects, which constitute the core of the activities carried out by BIQ Health Solutions.

Quality Policy

The BIQ HS practices are supported in principles oriented to create collaborative relations with interested parties, allowing the achievement of mutual goals, according with the following orientation lines:

From the clients perspective, BIQ HS will enhance a flexible method using the best project management tools as a differentiation factor.

From the distributors perspective, BIQ HS adopts a continuous training and support in order to standardize sales methods and product performance .

With our partners, there is a commitment with risk sharing, ensuring that developed solutions can integrate with existing solutions, adding value to the client.

Management commitment is demonstrated by the human resources qualification, the technological update and consortium policies with single and collective entities, national and international, in order to promote clients, partners and distributors satisfaction and BIQ HS's prestige.

BIQ HS management states, as an essential success condition, the adoption of a continuous improvement process throughout the whole company.




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