GS1 international healthcare case study of the year awarded to BIQ Health Solutions project

The implementation of GS1 Standards in the medication circuit in the Hospital of Cascais has been awarded “GS1 Healthcare Best Provider Implementation Case Study Award” This award recognizes an organization, a department or individuality (of an institution) for the implementation of GS1 System, at least in one process within the organization. The announcement was made this morning at the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference in Beijing, China.
The application, submitted together with GS1 Portugal and the Hospital of Cascais. Focused in the implementation of the GS1 standards in the medication circuit, based on three main objectives:
• Reduce medication errors by ensuring the five rights of patient medication administration: Right Patient, Right Dose, Right Dose, Right Time and Right Mode.
• Maximize process efficiency: reduction of costs and time, prevention of errors and cost reduction through the dematerialization and automatic patient records.
• Visibility along the medication circuit to ensure traceability from production to administration and simplify reverse logistics and product recall.