EKANBAN® integrated logisitics model at Espírito Santo's Évora Hospital

Integrated logistics model implemented in 'Hospital de Évora'The main challenge in implementing the Ekanban® Logistics Model at HESE was to equip the Hospital with benchmark Logistical Conditions, and optimize the entire logistical process to reduce operating costs.    

HESE’s main goals in implementing the project were to:    

  • Improve Logistics processes;

  • Effectively control materials dispersed by the User Services;

  • Rationalize consumption;

  • Improve physical storage conditions.    

The Espírito Santo de Évora Hospital (HESE) hired BIQ Health Solutions to implement the Rationalization of Logistics Process concerning Clinical, Hotel, Administrative and Medicinal consumables. The project was completed in 2 main phases:    

Phase I - Central Storage Facility;
Phase II - Service Users.